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Techna is a new institute at UHN, in collaboration with the University of Toronto, devoted to the advancement of health technologies. Our mission is twofold: to shorten the time interval from technology discovery and development to application of such technologies for the benefit of patients and the health care system, and to facilitate the convergence of basic investigation, technology development and translational research. Techna represents a paradigm shift towards demand-driven activities and the organizational alignment of the needs of the research hospital and the research enterprise. 

Techna comprises five Core Centres of excellence. Each Core has a clinical and scientific lead and will:

  • Facilitate the innovation cycle through a continuum of clinically driven innovation, technology and process development, and translational research.
  • Assemble existing expertise and assets to move technology concepts forward – from a need identified by programs/clinicians, through phases of development, to implementation and practice change.
  • Identify and assemble new resources and talent dedicated solely to bridging the gap from clinically driven technology needs to solutions.

Techna Five Core Centres


Clinical Lead

Scientific Lead

Informatics and Communication Technologies

Dr. Peter Rossos

Dr. Igor Jurisica

Guided Therapeutics

Dr. Jonathan Irish

Dr. David Jaffray

Dr. Kieran Murphy

Nanotechnology and Radiochemistry

Dr. Ur Metser

Dr. Gang Zheng



Dr. Brian Wilson

Design and Engineering for Health

Dr. Joe Cafazzo


Techna encompasses multiple existing facilities—STTARR, GTx laboratory, etc.—as well as the membership of UHN departments such as the Joint Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Medicine Program.

What's new

Techna is getting a home

Plans are underway for the renovation of the first floor of the historic Banting Building on College Street. With communal meeting rooms and lecture halls, the Banting Building will serve as the hub for all Techna-related activities and the meeting ground for the collaboration of clinicians, researchers and industrial partners. In addition, each of the five Core programs will have their own space for technology design and development, and the facility will also house Techna’s operational, management, grant writing and commercialization staff.

The cyclotron is coming

UHN is getting its own cyclotron and radiochemistry lab. A cyclotron is a particle accelerator commonly used to produce medical radioisotopes. A key component in the radiochemistry lab is the hot cells, which protect people from receiving hazardous doses of radiation when large amounts of radioisotopes are converted into radiopharmaceuticals. The cyclotron and hot cells Requests for Proposal (RFPs) have just closed and are now being reviewed and evaluated. Located in the basement of the Clinical Services Building, planning for the facility has commenced. With Dr. David Green at the helm, the facility will pave the way for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and procedures.

For more information, please visit the Techna webpage

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