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Host Guidelines


  • The host will suggest and invite the speaker (see How the seminar series works).  Julie Wan is available to help establish a suitable date once you confirm an external speaker, and will enter the final details in the Calendar

  • The speaker, with the Krembil Administrative team's help, will organize their travel.

  • The Krembil Administrative team will organize the hotel.

  • The speaker will travel by taxi to and from the hotel, and will later send receipts to the Krembil Administrative team for reimbursement.
  • The host will work with the Krembil Administrative team to set up meetings for the speaker, including a lunch time meeting with trainees from 12-1pm, just prior to the seminar at 1pm.  The schedule can be as flexible as the host and/or invited speaker wish: e.g. Interaction with individuals from the host’s lab, meetings with investigators from Krembil and with investigators from outside Krembil.  Please encourage your own trainees and any others you know to sign up for the interaction with the speaker over lunch.
  • It is customary for the host to dine with the speaker on the evening of the visit (or the evening before, if appropriate). You may invite up to 3 additional guests. Please limit alcohol to one drink per person as per UHN Research Financial Services (RFS) guidelines.  Please send the name of the restaurant and time of the dinner to the Krembil Administrative teamt, and indicate if you need a reservation made. For reimbursement, please forward an itemized receipt and list of attendees as required by RFS.



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