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Jonathan O Dostrovsky, PhD
Affiliate Scientist, Krembil Research Institute (Krembil)
Keywords: Parkinson's disease, pain, deep brain stimulation, perception, movement disorders, systems neurophysiology, basal ganglia, thalamus 

Research Interests
The major interest of our lab is in elucidating the central mechanisms involved in perception of touch, pain and temperature and the pathophysiology of movement disorders.

Most of the studies employ extracellular single unit recordings although some anatomical and psychophysical techniques are also used. Currently most of the projects involve studies on human patients undergoing functional stereotactic surgery for the alleviation of movement disorders or chronic pain. In these studies microelectrode recordings and microstimulation in thalamus, globus pallidus and subthalamic nucleus are performed in awake patients.

The major current studies are examining the
  • Functional characteristics of neurons in motor thalamus, globus pallidus and subthalamic nucleus and the alterations of their responses in various movement disorders sensations
  • Oscillatory activity of neurons and local field potentials in the basal ganglia
  • Mechanisms underlying stimulation produced analgesia
  • Role of thalamus in mediating acute and chronic pain and temperature
  • Mechanisms of sensitization of neurons in rat trigeminal nucleus and thalamus to noxious stimuli
  • Mechanisms of peripheral release of substance P and plasma extravasation

Our lab has strong ties with other researchers at the Toronto Western Research Institute (Chen, Davis, Hutchison, Lang, Lozano, Moro), Department of Physiology (Charlton) and in the Dental School (Sessle, Hu).

Additional Appointments
  • Professor, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry

Pubmed Publications
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Selected Publications

  • Tang JK, Mahant N, Cunic D, Chen R, Moro E, Lang AE, Lozano AM, Hutchison WD, Dostrovsky JO. Changes in cortical and pallidal oscillatory activity during the execution of a sensory trick in patients with cervical dystonia. Exp Neurol. 2007 Apr;204(2):845-8.

  • Xie YF, Zhang S, Chiang CY, Hu JW, Dostrovsky JO, Sessle BJ. Involvement of glia in central sensitization in trigeminal subnucleus caudalis (medullary dorsal horn). Brain Behav Immun. 2006 Oct 19.

  • Weinberger M, Mahant N, Hutchison WD, Lozano AM, Moro E, Hodaie M, Lang AE, Dostrovsky JO. Beta oscillatory activity in the subthalamic nucleus and its relation to dopaminergic response in Parkinson's disease. J Neurophysiol. 2006 Dec;96(6):3248-56.

  • Hodaie M, Cordella R, Lozano AM, Wennberg R, Dostrovsky JO. Bursting activity of neurons in the human anterior thalamic nucleus. Brain Res. 2006 Oct 18;1115(1):1-8.

  • Zhang S, Chiang CY, Xie YF, Park SJ, Lu Y, Hu JW, Dostrovsky JO, Sessle BJ. Central sensitization in thalamic nociceptive neurons induced by mustard oil application to rat molar tooth pulp. Neuroscience. 2006 Oct 27;142(3):833-42.

  • Hanajima R, Dostrovsky JO, Lozano AM, Chen R. Dissociation of thalamic high frequency oscillations and slow component of sensory evoked potentials following damage to ascending pathways. Clin Neurophysiol. 2006 Apr;117(4):906-11.

  • Gonzalez HL, Carmichael N, Dostrovsky JO, Charlton MP. Evaluation of the time course of plasma extravasation in the skin by digital image analysis. J Pain. 2005 Oct;6(10):681-8.
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