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Brian D Hodges, MEd, PhD, MD, FRCPC
Executive VP Education, University Health Network
Affiliate Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI)
Keywords: performance-based assessment, expertise, self-assessment of competence 

Research Interests
Brian D. Hodges is Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Education (OISE/UT) at the University of Toronto, the Richard and Elizabeth Currie Chair in Health Professions Education Research at the Wilson Centre for Research in Education and Vice President Education at the University Health Network (Toronto General, Toronto Western Princess Margaret and Toronto Rehab Hospitals). He leads the AMS Phoenix Project: A Call to Caring, an initiative to rebalance the technical and compassionate dimensions of healthcare.

Additional Appointments
  • Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Scientist, Wilson Centre for Research in Education
  • Richard and Elizabeth Currie Chair in Health Professions Education Research, University Health Network/University of Toronto
  • Senior Fellow, Massey College
  • Project Lead, The AMS Phoenix Project

Pubmed Publications
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Selected Publications

  • Hodges BD, Kuper A (2011) Theory and practice in the design and conduct of graduate medical education. Academic Medicine Oct 28. (Epub ahead of print)

  • Hodges BD, Albert M, Arweiler D, AskeerS, Bandiera G, Byrne N, Charlin B, Karazivan P, Kuper A, Maniate J, Millette B, Noyeau E, Parker S, Reeves S. (2011) The Future of Medical Education: A Canadian Environmental Scan, Medical Education 45(1):95-106

  • Hodges B (2007). Scylla or Charybdis: navigating between excessive examination and naive reliance on self-assessment. Nursing Inquiry. 14(3):177.

  • Hodges B (2007). Medical Education and the Maintenance of Incompetence. Medical Teacher, 28(8):690-696.

  • Hodges B (2007). The Objective Structured Clinical Examination: 3 decades of development. Journal of Veterinary Medicine 33(4):571-7.
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