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Robert G Devenyi, MD, FACS, FRCSC
Clinical Researcher, Krembil Research Institute (Krembil)
Research Interests
My research activities all relate to various aspects of Vitreoretinal Surgery, with a particular emphasis on questions which, when answered, will have relevance to the practice of clinical Vitreoretinal Surgery:

  1. Doppler assessment of retinal capillary blood flow in diabetics
  2. Combined scleral buckle and vitrectomy surgery for primary pseudophakic retinal detachments
  3. Hypobaric chamber studies of patients with intraocular gas bubbles
  4. Scanning laser ophthalmoscopic assessment of macular edema with experimental pharmacologic agents
  5. Systemic treatment of retinal vascular occlusion
  6. Microvascular complications of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in young patients with eating disorders
  7. study of the efficacy of intravitreal Hyaluronidase for ophthalmic intravitreal injection for clearance of severe vitreous hemorrhage
  8. A study of the potential benefits of Brimonidine on retinal detachment
  9. A study of a novel new intravitreal implant, Retisert
  10. A study of the efficacy of sheathotomy for branch retinal vein occlusions
  11. Radial Optic Neurotomy for central retinal vein occlusion
  12. Argus II bionic eye: the world's first bionic eye
  13. Creating the world's first bioengineered vitreous substitute
  14. Navilas retinal laser: Canada's only programmable retinal laser

We are working on the development of a novel new treatment for wet macular degeneration, involving the creation of a device which combines digital ultra-high speed indocyanine green angiography and diode laser photocoagulation for choroidal neovascular membranes.

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  Robert  G Devenyi


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