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Princess Margaret Cancer Institute Techna Institute Toronto General Research Institute Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Toronto Western Research Institute

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Techna Institute

Toronto General Research Institute

Toronto Rehab Institute

Toronto Western Research Institute

  • Research foci: cancer— genomics, informatics, molecular biology, clinical trials, signalling pathways, structural biology and biophysics.
  • 376 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • $150M external funding
  • more

  • Headquartered at the Banting Building
  • Research foci: guided therapeutics, informatics and communication technologies, nanotechnology and radiochemistry, photonics, design and engineering for health
  • 50 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • more

  • Located at the Toronto General Hospital
  • Research foci: cardiology, transplantation, immunology and infectious disease
  • 256 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • $74M external funding
  • more

  • Located at Toronto Rehab
  • Research foci: rehabilitation sciences, cardiopulmonary fitness and mobility
  • 118 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • $9M external funding
  • more

  • Located at the Toronto Western Hospital
  • Research foci: Neural and visual sciences, musculoskeletal disease and community and population health
  • 161 scientists and clinician-scientists
  • $37M external funding
  • more

UHN-Developed Technologies Unveiled
May 25, 2015

Three technologies developed at Princess Margaret, matured through Techna and commercialized by UHN's Technology Development and Commercialization (TDC) Office were launched as products this month at the European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO) Forum in Barcelona, Spain.

Full Story

Dr. Kieran Murphy Receives Innovation Award
May 22, 2015

Techna Affiliated Faculty and PM Cancer Centre Clinical Researcher Dr. Kieran Murphy received the 2015 Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation Leaders in Innovation Award. The award is presented to "interventional radiology pioneers" who have created new devices and therapeutics that have advanced the care of those suffering from complex conditions. "Award winners demonstrate a passion for medical breakthroughs that improve patient care," said Dr. Stephen T. Kee, the Chair of the Society's Foundation Board.

Full Story

Bursting the Microbubble
May 20, 2015

Image-guided cancer therapies rely on the ability to visualize a malignant tumour so that treatment is applied only at that location. This is achieved by injecting a "contrast agent"—a compound that selectively accumulates in cancerous tissue and can be observed by medical imaging methods.

One of the most highly customizable types of contrast agents is a microbubble. These bubbles are very small (1 to 5 microns in diameter) and consist of a shell and gas core. Although they can be readily detected by ultrasound imaging, microbubbles burst when they are exposed to ultrasound. This makes them unusable for imaging purposes, as they can only help visualize tumours over a short window of time. To address this issue, Techna Core Lead and PM Senior Scientist Dr. Gang Zheng invented microbubbles made of a compound called porphyrin.

Full Story


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