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Richard D Weisel, BA, MD
Senior Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI)
Keywords: stem cells, cardiac regeneration, angiogenesis and myocardial protection 

Research Interests
I have three major areas of research interests: cell transplantation, myocardial protection and vascular biology.

Cell Transplantation
Over the last ten years, we have carefully evaluated alternative techniques to regenerate the heart after injury. We employed heart cells and adult bone marrow stem cells to regenerate the heart. We also investigated techniques to induce angiogenesis for patients who are unable to have conventional coronary bypass surgery. Finally, we have developed techniques to replace portions of the heart with tissue-engineered autologous cell-seeded grafts.

Myocardial Protection
We have evaluated adenosine, insulin and L-arginine as agents which protect the myocardium from ischemic and reperfusion injury. We have performed studies in cell cultures, small and large animals and in patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery.

Vascular Biology
We evaluated a variety of agents which will prevent intimal hyperplasia and restore normal endothelial function after coronary interventions.

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  Richard  D Weisel


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