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Toronto Western Research Institute
Located at Toronto Western Hospital

One of the five research institutes comprising UHN, Toronto Western Research Institute (TWRI) is home to the research programs associated with the neural and visual sciences, musculoskeletal disease and urban and community health priority programs. Neuroscientists here explore the function of the nervous system as they develop treatments for spinal cord injuries, cerebral ischemia, vascular malformations, brain tumours, neurophthalmologic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.


TWRI is also home to the Vision Science Research Program, a joint UHN/University of Toronto Program. The Program's research is directed to the following areas: molecular genetics of blinding eye diseases and brain disorders; treatment, biophysics and psychophysics of glaucoma; eye movement control mechanisms; neuronal damage; retinal degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Arthritis and associated degenerative diseases are the focus of the researchers in the musculoskeletal research program. Their investigations are aimed at revealing the causes of, and generating therapies for, these ailments.

TWRI researchers associated with the Healthy Connections program are seeking solutions to public and community health concerns. Toronto Western Hospital serves clients from culturally and economically diverse backgrounds. At TWRI, they devise and study methods of education, prevention, health promotion and health care delivery in order to better serve this population.

Download a one-page fact sheet that highlights TWRI research advancements and statistics.

Snapshot: TWRI 2014
  161 Researchers
  226 Trainees
  225 Staff
  155,246 sq. ft Research Space
  667 Total Publications
  $36,606,009 External Funding

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